What have we been doing for the past ten years? Find ourselves, face challenges, cater to the market, serve our customers...
What are we doing now? Let's open the story of Feice.

How Did
FEICE Start?

In March 2009, FEICE was born in China. Coming with spring, FEICE arrived quietly, and hope to bloom in this spring. We want to speak for Chinese watches, Chinese brands are not shoddy, and made-in-China should not be aderogatory term. When we decided to enter the watch market, the industry was already very mature. What we can do to make some noise for our brand in the field? This is the most important thing we need to consider. After the idea arises, we should take action.

into Bauhaus

After that, we spent a year researching the market. If we want our watches can stand out from fiercely competitive market, our watches must be distinctive and have specific properties which can catch others eyes and attract them to buy it. Bauhaus style is the core idea of our design. Based on the most popular minimalism, the Bauhaus style is more focused on the function of the object, combining straightforward design with functions. Each single design reflects a certain function of the item without redundancy.

Symbols of

The dome mirror of our watch is our biggest innovation. After our watches are tested on the market for a while, and they did not respond well, so we had to innovate on our watches. Fortunately, this decision is correct. Now, the domed mirrors have become a special symbol of our brand.

Walking into
Online Market

Until 2014, after all the production processes are mature, we started online sales and got a good response. We have registered official flagship stores in China's premier e-commerce platform, such as Tmall, Jingdong, etc, which are convenient for cons- umers across the country to buy our products. FEICE has been exploring and improving, we do our best to improve where cust- omers think we are not enough. We are determined to be the leader of Chinese watches.

into The World

In 2017, FEICE entered Amazon, open the long road of Amazon’s exploration. Now, we have our opened brand stores at every site of Amazon, including US, CA, Europe, and Japan. We will continue to expand our stores on more international e-commerce platforms. We hope that people all over the world can see our products and hope that our fans can be found in every corner of the world.


What does your watch say about you? Gentle? Youthful? Mature? A watch is not only an accessory for you, it is also your symbol. Welcome to FEICE. Pick up one watch to tell the world about your style.

2.5D arc hyperboloid

Three-dimensional design, has more
powerful visual effects.

homage to

“Less is more”, the functions are
above the forms.

Automatic self-wind

Powered by you, you can feel the energy
of your watch at any time.